Five Minutes with Skye-Leanne Hurst

Published on June 24th, 2014 | by Student Media at Unitec

By Lydia Zanetti   So you’re studying Contemporary Dance at Unitec – how long have you been studying for? I am currently in my third and final year at Unitec and am preparing for the outside ... Read More


Taco Dip

Recipe: Taco scoop and dip

Published on June 19th, 2014 | by Student Media at Unitec

By Sam Johnson-Chung What is one of your favorite family recipes? Mine is the mighty Taco Scoop And Dip and it hails from my Aunty Rita. Aunty Rita developed a lot of good recipes after living abroad in Racine,Wisconsin, ... Read More

Student Council


The future of our place

Published on June 13th, 2014 | by Student Media at Unitec

Around the world new learning technologies are changing the face of education. There are exciting examples all over the world, where physical and virtual learning spaces work well together. Classrooms are more flexible and can be ... Read More


FWC 2014

Have you got World Cup Fever?

Published on June 13th, 2014 | by Josh Guy

This Friday sees the 2014 Football World Cup kick off with the host nation Brazil vs Croatia in what should be a good first up match. The world cup goes through to the 13th of July. ... Read More

Rainbow space


Unitec Students Support 100% OK Campaign

Published on June 12th, 2014 | by Student Media at Unitec

On the 12th -15th June (and open until the 12th July), Aucklanders are asked to show their support for the Rainbow Community* – by simply wearing a 100% OK/TINO PAI wristband. The 100% OK campaign is ... Read More

Student Council



Published on June 11th, 2014 | by Student Media at Unitec

STUDENT COUNCIL MINUTES 5 JUNE 2014 HELD IN BUILDING 111 – ROOM 1027 PRESENT: Ben Kevey (Chair), Sonia Amani-Carter (CIB Rep), Matalena O’Mara (SHS Rep), Christina Harris (Māori Rep), Noleen Dayal (Pacifica Rep) APOLOGIES: Anuksha Singh ... Read More


Ballet slippers

The Exuberance of Attending the Ballet

Published on June 6th, 2014 | by Student Media at Unitec

By Kiran Patel So I went to the ballet and I thought it was….meh. From my perspective and remember this is solely my perspective, I did appreciate the art of dance and ballet, though sadly there were ... Read More

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